APW Summer Training Seminar 2020

Saturday and Sunday, 15 - 16 August 2020

Boston, MA

Transference and the Drive in the Clinic

    This summer’s APW training seminar will focus on transference and the drive in the clinic. Presenters Dan Collins, Rolf Flor, and Kristen Hennessy will detail how these concepts help to organize the our thinking about psychoanalytic treatment.

    Through the presentation of theoretical and case material, participants will explore how transference and the drive interact—as detailed by Lacan in Seminar 11. We’ll also consider Lacan’s earlier conceptions of transference in Seminar 8. Our work on the drive will also consider the question of where the drive appears in the clinic. What manifestations of it do we see? How do we differentiate it from desire? Participants will have a chance to present their own case material and receive feedback from colleagues.

    Continuing education credits will be available.

    Registration will open soon.