Conference Information

APW holds an annual conference that attracts Lacanian clinicians from around the United States and the world. Our next conference will be held in Boston, MA, on the weekend of 5-7 October 2018. The topic is "Psychoanalysis: Science and Truth."

APW's previous conferences

  • Feminine Sexuality (1999), Boston, MA
  • On Reading (2000), Atlanta, GA
  • On Obsessional Neurosis (2001), Albany, NY
  • The Symptom (2002), Buffalo, NY
  • Fundamental Fantasies: Écrits and After (2003), Pittsburgh, PA
  • Working with the Symptom (2004), Omaha, NE
  • On Addiction (2006), Carrollton, GA
  • On Love (2008), Philadelphia, PA
  • The Ends of Analysis (2010), San Francisco, CA
  • On Madness (2012), St. Louis, MO
  • On the Imaginary (2013), Boston, MA
  • On Desire (2014), Toronto, ON
  • On Transference (2015), Ghent, Belgium
  • On Love (2016), Vancouver, BC
  • On Fantasy (2017), Toronto, ON
  • Psychoanalysis: Science and Truth (2018), Boston, MA

Student Discount Policy for Conference Registration

APW conferences are funded entirely through registration fees. Registration discounts are available to full-time university and college students of limited means who are not working full-time jobs. Student discounts are not intended for professionals who are pursuing advanced studies in their fields. 

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